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Prime Objectives 2022

Urgent and long overdue

Tsunami/Cyclone Warning Sirens and Diesel Generators

Purchase and Export 3 x motorised evacuation sirens with a deep, low penetrating tone for maximum warning in emergency situations in all 3 of Aneityum’s Villages

  • 2 x Mechtric 10S 10000m, 140dB Sirens, 3 phase 415V
  • 1 x Mechtric 15D 15000m, 145dB Siren, 3 phase 415V
  • 3 x Diesel 3 phase 415V Generators, Galvanised  posts, S/Steel  guy wires, cables/conduits/saddles etc., concrete, ground anchors, covers for sirens and generators
  • Fuel and fuel cans etc.

Urgent financial assistance for the Communities of Aneityum Island

  • Family Aid payments for  food, clothing and basic needs
  • Families that require medicines and medical treatment
  • Flights to and from the hospital for treatment
  • School fee payments for families unable to afford to send their children to primary/secondary or Uni

Supply funding for Anelcauhut’s Health Clinic

  • Medical Clinic supplies including a sterilizer
  • Solar array, Inverter and batteries-replace existing worn out unit, LED lighting etc.
  • New equipment for the Birthing Room including a birthing bed, washing machine etc.

Aneityum Primary Schools in 3 Villages and Teruja Secondary School

  • Supply a life-changing skills and development opportunity of 50 computers for “Teruja”, their new Secondary School under construction through a World Bank-funded project. A supply of desks, chairs etc. or other specialised teaching equipment. A pair of Basketball ball backboards/rings/nets/balls and poles for Anelcauhut Primary School to enjoy and other general needs for both other Primary Schools.
  • At all 3 Primary Schools flushing toilet blocks with septic for the staff and students

Aneityum Dental Clinic

  • Existing site to be cleared
  • Supply cement, reo and mesh for slab
  • Building footings to be dug and foundations/slab to be poured
  • Walls to be bricked from the handmade cement blocks which are ready to go on-site

Installation of New Water Supply Pipe Line for Anelcauhut Village

  • Replace 35-year-old water supply pipeline from the water tank supply at the main river through to Anelcauhut due to tree root crushed areas and many damaged areas in-between which greatly affects the flow to the Village. Supply of pipe is already on the Island
  • Dig, Lay and bury the new pipes in trenches and backfill them for long-term use, protection from damage from heat and those UV rays

Flush toilet projects in all 3 of Aneityum’s Villages for Tourism 

  • Site works
  • Digging trenches, installing septic tanks laying pipes for plumbing, backfilling
  • Concreting of slabs and backfilling of soakage trenches etc.
  • Construction of Toilet blocks, toilets, doors, hardware etc.

The purchase and export of an Excavator E50 and Track Steer Bobcat T590 for Aneityum Island

  • Various valuable attachments like buckets, trencher, augers, spreader bar, concrete mixer etc.
  • The first 3 full-service kits for both machines (250/500/750hours) including oils, grease, hydraulic fluid etc.
  • 40ft HQ shipping container for strong lock-up storage. Must have a Seaworthiness permit for export
  • The future “Turbulent Hydropower” plan for the entire Island will only be possible by the use of such a beneficial machine

Aneityum Chiefs and their Area Councils

  • The Aneityum Tourism Association
  • The 2 outer village health clinics
  • The churches of Aneityum
  • The Island chief, area chiefdoms and chiefs councils

Shipping Freight from Australia to Aneityum

  • Ship freight to Pt. Vila and then charter a Touaraken Landing Craft from Pt. Vila to Aneityum for 40ft Container and all related freight like Diesel, computers, solar panels and batteries, sirens etc.,

Prime Objectives 2023-2024


Based on a good, successful and enthusiastic outcome from the first draw lottery, we would look to continue on and host 2 more draw lotteries a year for the periods of 2023 and 2024

Our main objectives for this next period is to keep funding and working on basic infrastructure projects for the Islands benefits and giving the much-needed family assistance where and when required.

This consists but not limited to the following projects:

  • Start the first phase of site works, forming, concreting and construction of a river diversion for the power supply of Turbulent Hydro Electricity for Anelcauhut Village. Bring in the power feed cables from the water generator site to the Village Transformer location for distribution throughout the community
  • Purchase, shipping and installation of the Turbulent generator and transformer for the first stage
  • Work on the 2nd and 3rd stages of Turbulent Hydro Electricity for the 2 outer Villages
  • Work on having a proper water filtration system in the supply feed to stop contaminated drinking water
  • Build a Community Bakehouse facility
  • Build a Community Washing Machine/Laundry facility
  • Build a waste treatment facility for sewerage collection and treatment for the use by all Islanders
  • Assist the Island with building and community projects
  • Supply community assistance and development with funding where it is most needed