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Our Apologies

Due to circumstances beyond our charity's control, we sadly regret to advise that our charitable event has been cancelled.

A credit will be refunded in the coming days. We thank you for your understanding and support. 

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Tropical Cyclone Gina Food Relief Project

The Aneityum Island Community Fund Tropical Cyclone Gina Food Relief Project has just delivered much needed food to the island.
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aneityum Village with Gary Family


The tourism income these communities have relied on to survive has stopped due to Covid 19. Aneityum in Vanuatu has had little to no government assistance as the country struggles with closed borders and the halt of Tourism. Cruise Ships made up 98% of the islands tourism income and enabled the local Aneityumese community to send their children to Primary school, Secondary school, College or University.

These communities value this education as a vital part for the communities future however without this income these communities were left to do their best on their own and as a result, many families struggle to afford the basics.


With no date for how long until the next Cruise ships will return it is a worrying time for these people.

We have seen first-hand the desperation that they are currently experiencing and have a good insight on what needs to be done.

We are working to raise awareness and funds to help support Aneityum to not only get through until tourism returns but to help them continue to improve and develop their communities.

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